Radu Carnaru Fascinated with aesthetics and passionate about visual arts, Radu Carnaru (born 1987, in Romania) discovers his passion for photography the moment he buys his first digital camera, back in college.

Self-taught and ambitious, Radu finds that the path of fashion and glamour photography is the best way to express his feelings and starts gaining ground in a remarkable way, beginning to build his portfolio at the age of 21.

In 2008, he starts working as a web designer and photographer for a local media bureau and later that same year, enters the students photo club as member. One year later, he becomes founder and associate of a local photo agency.

After finishing the Politechnics University, with a degree in Systems Engineering, Radu travels to London to study at the London Academy of Media and Film, getting a diploma in Fashion Photography.

Currently based in Amsterdam, Radu Carnaru is constantly working to expand his portfolio, producing visually appealing photographs that reflect feminine beauty, while also maintaining an elegant touch.
D. D. "Photography teached me something I thought I always knew: how to see." View Resume Interviews: Nikon
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